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WRT300N Router with AM200 ADSL Modem

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I've been searching this forum, and have found some chunks of responses, but I'm still somewhat confused...


I have at the moment a Linksys WRT300N router, connected to the Internet through an Alcatel Speedtouch Home ADSL modem, on an ISDN line.


As I don't need the ISDN anymore, my network operator will next week "downgrade" my ISDN line back to simple PSTN line, which implies changing the splitter from an ISDN model to a PSTN one (done by the engineer of the operator) and also changing the ISDN compatible ADSL modem to a PSTN one.


As I am very happy with the Linksys gear I allready have, I went for a Linksys AM200 ADSL Modem. On the box, it is mentionned it can be connected to a PC or to a router. However, all indications in the setup manual I downloaded (I have not yet opened the box Smiley Wink ) refer to straight connection to a PC, including providing PPPoE parameters, DHCP configurations, etc...


I don't need all that stuff, as everything  is allready configured up an running in my WRT300N router. Will I be able to get the AM200 working straight out of the box, simply swapping it with the Alcatel Modem? Or will I need to configure it in a special way to disable all the stuff I don't need in the modem (NAT, DHCP, PPPoE configuration, ...) ?

Also, I understand the modem has IP address as standard. Will I be able to access its configuration interface trough the router, which is confured as ?


I found it frustrating that the documentation did not provide some basic info on hooking the modem up to a router!


I'm trying to figure out beforehand what I will have to do, since once the line is swiched back to PSTN, the Alcatel modem will not work anymore, and I won't have any Internet access before I get the new AM200 up and running... Smiley Wink


All help will be appreciated!


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Re: WRT300N Router with AM200 ADSL Modem

Just you need to replace your old Modem with the New one, If your ISP is a DSL then you need to input some basic settings and you will be all set to go.
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Re: WRT300N Router with AM200 ADSL Modem



Ik worked more or less that way - actually, I also replaced the router with a brand new WRT610N. I first connected the AM200 model directly to to the PC and connfigured it to set up a working Internet connection. Then I ran the setup CD that came with the router, connected all the stuff together, and the configurator did all the stuff automagically Smiley Happy

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Re: WRT300N Router with AM200 ADSL Modem

I know it has been nearly 3 years, but I have the same hardware.  Any tips on how to set up NAT and FTP servers through both of them?