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X2000 help

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Hi all,


I've recently bought an X2000 to replace a Belkin router as the gateway device to the internet for the network.

However, I noticed a massive drop in signal strength with the new router so decided to keep using my old Belkin one as an extra access point (same ssid, different channels etc).


Both routers are connected together using Ethernet.


The problem is that if a device is connected to the wireless on the CISCO router, it cannot be pinged by anything that is connected to the CISCO router using Ethernet.


For example, looking at my LAN topology diagram below:


  • PC1 can ping everything connected to the Belkin router (wired & wireless). And can ping anything else that is connected to the CISCO router via Ethernet.
  • PC2 cannot ping anything connected to the wireless on the CISCO router. (Likewise, PC2 can only ping PCs connected to the CISCO wireless)
  • Every PC can connect to the Internet regardless of which router or connection type they use.


Is there a setting or something on the CISCO router I'm missing? Every router I've ever owned has switched wireless & wired.



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Re: X2000 help

To correct this problem of time out error try checking the IMCP settings.


  • Start > Run > firewall.cpl >Advanced > Click "Settings" under ICMP
  • The only option that should be checked is "Allow incoming echo request"



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Re: X2000 help

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Hi ScarletJamie,


Thanks for your quick reply but this is not a firewall issue on the PCs. I don't use Windows firewall but I've disabled the firewall I use and I still get the issue. This must be a problem with the CISCO router as I can't contact any PC that's connected to the CISCO wireless (those PCs also cannot see any PC connected using Ethernet - see my first post).


I can ping all PCs perfectly fine if they aren't connected wirelessly to the CISCO router.



For example, on my diagram above:


If PC2 & PC4 were both connected wirelessly to the CISCO router, they can ping each other. But cannot ping anyone else regardless of whether they're connected using Ethernet to the CISCO or Belkin router. They also cannot ping anyone who's connected wirelessly to the Belkin router.


Simply put: If you're connected wirelessly to the CISCO router, you can only ping other PCs that are also connected wirelessly to the CISCO router.




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Re: X2000 help


I believe this has something to do with the type of config you did on the both devices. I suggest, you do the WAN-LAN type of set up. Check this link to guide you,

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Re: X2000 help

Thanks for your reply ylime, but the link you provided didn't fix the issue.


I believe this is an issue with the CISCO router itself. If anyone else on here has an X2000 can you please confirm that you can ping a PC that is connected via Wi-Fi from a PC that is connected via Ethernet? If you can't, then it must be a problem with all X2000s (with the latest firmware at least).


See my diagram below for clarity:


  • PC 1 & 2 can't ping (send any data) to PC 3 (or any other PC that connects to the X2000 via Wi-Fi)
  • PC 1 can ping PC2 (and any other PC that connects to the X2000 via Ethernet)
  • All PCs can ping the router and can access the internet.
  • PC 3 & 4 can't ping PC1 & PC2 (or any other PC that is connected to the X2000 via Ethernet)
  • PC 3 can ping PC4 and any other PC that connects to the X2000 via Wi-Fi.
  • The X2000 can ping all PCs.


I have tried the above with multple PCs with firewalls on & off, reset the router to factory defaults - still have the same issue.


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Re: X2000 help


Really weird though, all computers since they're running off from the same router should be able to ping each other wired or wirelessly. If only if we could use another gateway that would be set up the same way so we could further isolate this. I haven't heard/read anything yet related to this. Have you tried doing a power cycle on all devices in your network?

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Re: X2000 help

Yea exactly my thoughts. I've had other routers in the past setup exactly the same (Belkin & D-Link) and have all worked flawlessly - never had this problem before. I've spoken to a member of the CISCO live support and they've never had reports of this before either.


I've power cycled all devices but the issue is still present. It seems almost as if the Wi-Fi and Ethernet networks are on separate subnets (even though they're not). I may return the router for a refund under the assumption it's faulty. As far as I can find out, this issue hasn't affected anyone on the net (google search etc).

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Re: X2000 help

Is the guest network enabled? The only reason why you would not be able to ping the wireless devices using a wired computer is if the wireless devices are connected to the guest network. Make sure they are not connected to the guest network. It would be helpful if you can provide a screenshot of your wireless settings including the Guest network settings. Thanks!

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Re: X2000 help

Hi earthmyrll,


I had the guest network disabled, the SSID isn't being broadcast and I've told the PCs that connect to it to use the proper wi-fi's password. I've attached a screenshot of my wireless guest settings for you.


Apart from that, my wireless settings are as follows:


  • Basic Wireless Settings
  1. Network mode - mixed
  2. Channel Width - 20MHz Only
  3. Standard channel - 2
  4. SSID Broadcast - Enabled
  • Wireless Security
  1. WPA2 Personal
  • Wireless MAC Filter
  1. Disabled



The security settings under the security page are:


  • Firewall
  1. IPv6 SPI Firewall  Protection - Enabled
  2. IPv4 SPI Firewall Protection - Enabled
  3. Filter Anonymous Internet Requests - Enabled
  4. Filter Multicast - Disabled
  5. Filter Internet NAT Redirection for IPv4 Internet Only - Disabled
  6. Filter IDENT (Port 113) - Enabled
  7. All Web filter items enabled (cookies, Java etc).
  • VPN Passthrough
  1. All enabled


Thanks for your help




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Re: X2000 help

Have you tried other channels aside from 2 on the 2.4 ghz network? Try to select disable on the guest network broadcast. If you are still getting the same problem, try to update the router's firmware and then reset and reconfigure it after that.