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cannot open

i am using WAG54GP2 wireless ADSL modem/gateway.... trying to access web based setup but everytime i put in either IE or Firefox it throughs back some error message, timed out, or failed to connect. tried "ipconfig" the default gateway line is  Is there any way i can acces the setup? Help Pls
thank you
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Re: cannot open

Hey Click Start>>>click Control Panel>>>Double click Network connections>>>Right click Local/Wireless Network Connections & click Properties & then click Internet Protocol TCP/IP & click Properties & select Use the following ip address & you will be able to assign the ip address ip= & you will be able to resolve the issue.
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Re: cannot open

The default device IP is by the way.
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Re: cannot open

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Re: cannot open

what is the answer?

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Re: cannot open

Hi guys.


As vai_fan said, try setting up a static IP address on one computer hardwired to one of the ports on the WAG54GP2. open a DOS command prompt and type:




If you get replies, then you should most likely be able to open