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connectivity issue: modem or router?

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I have recently had connectivity issues with my home network and I do not know if it is the modem or the router that is causing the problems.  Is there anyway to quickly identify which is causing the problem?
I am using the Linksys BEFCMUH4 modem and connecting it to another Linksys wireless router.  My TIVO and xBox are connected to the router via ethernet connections and then I am using the wireless connection for my laptop. 
With the exception of the "send" status on the modem which never shows activity, all the other status lights on the modem and router appear to be fine.  What I do not know is whether the "send" status represents activity between the modem and ISP, or if it is activity between the modem and router.
Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!
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Re: connectivity issue: modem or router?

i believe "send" status represent activity between the modem and router... try changing CAT5 cable between the modem and router...