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xbox 360

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I have a wired home network running through an AG41 ADSL broadband gateway , to which there is a 4 port switch connected. On the network I have 3 PC's and three xbox 360's. The problem I have is that I can only connect two xbox 360's to xbox live at one time, the router / gateway will not allow more than two xbox 360's to access xbox live at any one time - Help

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Re: xbox 360

It seems from your post that the two X-BOX you are using ...are working directly from AG41 gateway ..... I am sure that you are using one X-BOX under automatic configuration & another using Manual configuration.....
Regarding the third X-BOX .... it is not possible to use it with router .... as the ports forwarded for one X-BOX will not work for another at the same time... ....
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Re: xbox 360

Nope all three xbox 360's are connected to a 5 port switch in the attic, which is then connected to the Linksys AG041, I have not configured the gateway in any way when the 1st xbox 360 was connected it worked fine so I didn't alter any settings, when the 2nd xbox 360 was connected again it worked fine , along with 3 PC's connected to the network. My 3rd son now has an xbox 360 when all 3 sons try to log on to Xbox Live the last one cant get on , the xbox comes up with an error message , something to do with NAT settings. If three PC's and two Xbox 360's will work on the network/broadband connection all at the same time why wont three xbox 360 consoles work ?? What settings do I need to change to make it work ???
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Re: xbox 360

This would be a solution.

1) Give all the PCs in your network their own static network IP. (look here, on the Xbox, you have to figure it out for yourself how to configure it there).

2) Configure the port forwarding manually. I suspect there is a port conflict that causes this issue. So if the first Xbox by default for example operates on port 1000, then the second tries that as well, but the first one already uses that one, so you must manually configure it to operate on the next port, which is 1001.

These ports are just an example. I hope for you that the Xbox allows manual port configuration (make sure its firmware is up-to-date).

Hope it helps a bit. If you need further help, like to see which ports the Xbox uses, and if it allows you to change it, look it up on Google.