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4th theft missed by motion detection

With about 2-4000 Emails a day, my motion detection settings have provided countless photos of clouds moving, squirrels running across the road, birds in flight, and every possible shadow. I have 2 cameras aimed at my parking lot entrances, often I see cars parked in one photo, then cars gone in the next, but no photo of people walking up to their cars and backing out to leave. I see cars drive in but not drive out. But the funniest thing is I am 4 for 4 on actual thefts.


Someone drove in, loaded stuff into their vehicle (or walked away carrying) and drove off 4 times, and not one frame of anything but shadows shifting.


Yes I have it set up with 4 areas to trigger all aimed at spots on the road that cars will drive on or people walk on.


Fun cameras and great pricing, but NOT to be used for surveilance, and useless after dark.

One camera always seems to be "locked up" (see power supply issues) every time there is a theft.

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Re: 4th theft missed by motion detection

Whats the Model number of your camera?


On the camera setup page under Motion Detection what settings you have input, whats the time interval you have setup on your camera under motion detection? Try to change it to 0 and also change the Frame Rate :4, Pre-capture length : 4sec and Post-Capture length : 1.