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Broadcasting Webcam on my webpage

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Hi Guys
I am fairly new to this , so please be patient with me.
I recently bought a WVC54GC webcam.i'd like to broadcast this webcam on my webpage.How do i do that?
I have a wireless router WRT54GS with Bellsouth DSL connected.
Do i need a static ip address, and when, how do i set it up?
I understand that there is a static ip addres on my router and camera, but do i have to set up another statc address for my internet connection? 
Any help is apprechiated
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Re: Broadcasting Webcam on my webpage

Unless your web server is on the same network as your cam, you will need some sort of static IP or DNS setup. The following script placed in the HTML code of your webpage has worked for me.


STANDBY="Loading Microsoft Windows Media Player components..."
<PARAM NAME="fileName" VALUE="http://IP/img/video.asf">
<PARAM NAME="animationatStart" VALUE="true">
<PARAM NAME="transparentatStart" VALUE="false">
<PARAM NAME="autoStart" VALUE="true">
<PARAM NAME="showControls" VALUE="false">


Replace //IP with your public IP & if used port number.

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Re: Broadcasting Webcam on my webpage

Thanks,but Code and HTML that is a little too much for me.
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Re: Broadcasting Webcam on my webpage

hi, you have to options here,
Either you can register with "sololink"  or you can forward the default port of the WVC on the router.....
to know how to forward ports go to and look for ID 688.
The port that needs to be forwarded is 1024
To access the WVC from the "outside" , you will need to know the internet IP you have from your ISP.for this you can access the router with "admin" is the password.Go to the "status" page and look for "internet IP address"
So the exact way to access via http is "http://your WAN IP:1024
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Re: Broadcasting Webcam on my webpage

Here is the thing you can do as work around.
Configure the camera with same wireless settings from the router with the follwing:  
  • Same Wireless setting should be setup to the WVC54G
  • IP Address of
  • Default Gateway:
  • Subnet Mask:
  • DNS: Valid DNS from the Status page of your Router
  • Go to Options Tab and select UPNP Enable
  • Enable Alternate port and change the port to (1024) which should be unique from any devices used.
  • Go to the linksys router setup page
  • Enable port forwarding for port 1025 into an ip address of
  • Then Go to the Solo Link DDNS Tab of the Camera
  • Input the username and password needed
  • Change the WAN port to 1024
  • DDNS update should be Every 15 min
  • Make sure that the Status of the DDNS should state Registered and Connected
  • By then you should be able to access your camera via Domain Name through the following pattern (cameraname.DNS you )
  • You can have a link of the said DDNS address from your website with just a click.

    Hope i was able to help you with your concern.


    Until then,


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      Re: Broadcasting Webcam on my webpage

      Thanks for your help.It works now.
      Though i have another problem:
      I can open the browser and click the Video on, but that is a little complicated.
      Is there no chance to open my webpage and just see the live stream??
      Any help is apprechiated, but bear in mind i have no clue about HTML programming etc.The webpage iam on is Microsoft Office Life , but ther is no help to expecting...(((
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      Re: Broadcasting Webcam on my webpage

      Try making a hyper link in your webpage that will give you a direct connection to the camera either by ip aaddress or dns you registered from linksys the source of the link your created could ether be this: WANIPaddress:1024 or ( just as an example.
      hope i have helped you
      until then,
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      Re: Broadcasting Webcam on my webpage

      Thanks for your help so far.
      This working now, but if the link opens i, or anybody else how likes to see it, has to click on the Video.Is there a chance to start it automaticly,without hitting anything?
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      Re: Broadcasting Webcam on my webpage

      Yes you can do it you could actually create a window with in your main page and you can make it smaller or whatever size you would like to create. in your index page or in your home page you can have separation of window however its pulling up the information from the link you have. you can actually load the certain link in that window. its just i dont know how to use the said information in the software you are trying to run.
      Until then
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      Re: Broadcasting Webcam on my webpage

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      There are some simple instructions and a file with the html code you need on this site:






      Good luck,



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