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Emails stopped sending on 1 camera only.

I have 3 cameras setup on 2 networks and everything is finally coming together. with a few exceptions.


On the network with 2 cameras everything worked fine (Camera one keeps dropping out after every few days)


Camera one just stopped sending emails???

On the setup page - status log I have many motion detect events logged so it is sensing the triggering event.

On the Email setup page nothing has changed since it was working, and sending a test email succeeds. But a triggered event does not send an email.


It stopped in the middle of the day when I was not in the same location - so I wasn't doing anything else on the computer when it stopped.

I have tried resetting and resaving all email settings and resent the test email - successfully. But still no progress.


Camera 2 on the same network continues to work fine. Camera one will also just stop working until I can return to the location and unplug it and then plug it back in. All network settings seem to be fine since I can get all 3 cameras on the Linksys 4 screen utility program from anywhere on the net.


All 3 Cameras are WVC54GCA Firmware is current

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Re: Emails stopped sending on 1 camera only.

Camera 2 and camera 3 Continue to work well,

Camera 1 was completely reset (small button on side) Had to setup from scratch, began working again then Camera dropped off network after 2 hours. I updated the firmware even though it was already current, just incase. Again it started then died. I have noticed that when it dies I have to unplug it from power and power it backup. SOmetimes when doing this I must unplug it 5 -10 times waiting 15-30 seconds in between attempts before it will power on..When it successfully powers on the LED Lights then goes off, then Blinks 10 times. When it is unsuccessful plugging it in the LED does not light at all. I then have to wait and try over and over untill the led lights. I have tried 4 different outlets in the house, I have tried swapping the power supply with camera 2, so it is not power supply or outlet connection problems. And even after all that it only sends Emails for a short time then quits, and then eventually drops off the system.


Any Ideas?

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Re: Emails stopped sending on 1 camera only.

Since you have already Re-Flashed the firmware on your Camera, have you resetted your camera and configured all the settings on it again. Before you make any changes on your camera. Press and hold the reset button for 60 seconds...Release the reset button...Unplug the power cable from your camera, wait for 60 seconds and re-connect the power cable...Now re-configure your camera...

Once you reconfigure the settings on your camera, i think this might solve your problem.

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Re: Emails stopped sending on 1 camera only.

Yes I have, this has become the ritual,

Camera 2 is working fine (over a week now)

Camera one press reset button and hold

unplug camera from power supply ( I now have it on a power strip just so I can conveniently turn it off and on)

Plug camera back in - check to see if LED came on - NO repeat until camera LED comes on then flashes 10 times

(Sometimes it takes 5 to 10 tries to get it to power up)

Go to camera setup, All my settings are still there - except motion detect page, motion detect is no longer checked -recheck it

Email is no longer checked, recheck it, - it still has all my email settings

Camera now works fine

Drive home 120 miles

log into both cameras

everything works fine.

go to sleep

wake up - camera 2 still working fine

camera one no longer accessable

check Emails

Camera one stopped sending middleof the night

drive back to work 120 miles



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Re: Emails stopped sending on 1 camera only.

Well this week it's getting worse.

Camera 3 is still running fine

Camera 1 did not make it 2 hours while I drove home.

I think camera 1 is just defective, when I get back to work I will attemt a return or exchange.

I am not doing anything that would be causing this problem so it must be a hardware defect in this one unit.

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Re: Emails stopped sending on 1 camera only.

Since this thread is still active - I thought I'd give an update on my system.


All three cameras have been working fine for several months now - with my workaraound for camera 2


Camera 2 kept shutting down on its own, and I would have to drive there to reset it. Other problems like the email one were intermittant.


I bought a cheap lamp timer - It shuts off power to the camera then turns it back on 15 minutes later (or whenever I want)

SInce the camera doesn't work at night anyway, I shut it off at sunset and back on at sunrise.


This resets the camera daily, and if there is a glitch and the camera dies by itself, it comes back on the next day reset and ready to go.