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Send Email Fail... SOLVED! WVC80N

I bought this camera yesterday to monitor the entrance to my house, and in case anyone decided they wanted to break in and take anything, I would have them caught on video.  All I wanted this camera for was so that I could monitor my house from the road, but mostly to have it automatically record a short clip and send it to my email account, where it would sit until I actually needed to "pull the tapes".


However, like so many others, I could not get the "Test Email" test to work.  I would constantly get "Send Email Fail -".  I had verified time and time again that the settings in the  camera were correct.  But it just wouldn't work.  From what I have read, email "servers" like hotmail, msn, yahoo, and gmail WILL NOT WORK to SEND the email, you must use your ISP's email settings.  That being said, even with my ISP's settings correct, the test would still fail.  Here is how I fixed it:


If you are having this problem, you have probably come across some posts where the words "port forwarding" were found.  That is, indeed, the problem.  I don't know that much about networking anymore, but I will tell you how I got my camera to finally send emails.


I have a linksys WRT54G wireless router.  What I had to do was set up the router to forward port 1024 to the IP address of the camera.  If you have the same router I do, simply go to in IE.  The default login "I think" is "admin" and just leave the password blank.  If you don't have the same router, you'll have to look into the documentation to find out how to log in to your router.  (Note: Sometimes when I go to, I get an error that it can't be displayed.  Rebooting everything and saying a few hail mary's usually fixes this.  Go figure).


Once you are in to your router, and in the case of the WRT54G, click on "Applications and Gaming".  Make sure you are on the Port Range Forward tab.  The first field is just something to remind you what the trigger is for.  I put "Camera".  Next, at start and end, I put "1024" for both.  For the protocol, I left it at "BOTH".  Then I just put the STATIC IP address of the camera into the field, which in my case was, and clicked ENABLE, and APPLY at the bottom.  Suddenly I got about 15 emails on every account which I had setup, including my ISP's server and GMAIL.


To find your camera's IP address, hopefully you have setup the TZO account (it's free to try) and go to your web address and click on Advanced Settings.  On the basic settings, it will have some fields that should say like IPv4 Only, Fixed IP Address, and the IPv4 Address, which in my case was  This is the number that you need to forward port 1024 to in your router settings.  Once you know that number, I would print out a little sticky label and put it on the base of the camera so that if you ever want to log into it again directly from your network (not remotely), you can just type that address into IE and change the settings.  Also make sure in your camera's settings that on the Options tab, UPnP is Enabled, Alternate Web Access Port is Enabled, and is 1024.  I guess you could change this number if you wanted, just make sure you forward that new number in your router settings as described above.


Don't forget to set up the motion sensitivity.  For now, I have mine full screen and max sensitivity.


I hope this helps, it was very frustrating for me.

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Re: Send Email Fail... SOLVED! WVC80N

Thanks for your post! I spent a few hours trying to use GMAIL and Yahoo SMTP servers. At least I know I should use the ISP but Cisco should fix this...

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Re: Send Email Fail... SOLVED! WVC80N

When I use the test email button, it tells me that it was successful sending the email, but there is nothing sent to my inbox.  I tried setting up my router as you suggested but that did not change any thing,  If any body can help I use Yahoo mail at


Need help.

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Re: Send Email Fail... SOLVED! WVC80N

I have the same camera and router and tried this and still no emails being sent and in addition  my camera is not accessible from the web. The motion recording is also hit and miss. Sometimes it records sometimes not. After spending 3 days trying to get this camera to work and absolutely NO HELP from Cisco support, I give up.

The camera is being returned. As a Cisco shareholder, I would say I am appauled at the lack of quality software but also the lack of any support that knows what the heck they are doing. I spend hours with them and NOBODY ever said anything about the need to forward the port. I found the post here and also in the instructions.

Just an FYI, the software also assigned the camera an IP address that was outside the range of the router. My router was set for an IP address of 100-150. The Camera was sety at 245. Changing the IP address to 105 did not help either.

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Re: Send Email Fail... SOLVED! WVC80N

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Well I've had no luck either.  Spent over 4hrs chatting with the support group and ended being four time more frustrated than when I started.  In all seriousness I would say I spent atleast 40% of that time trying to educate the support reps as to what the problem was.


In the end I checked my wrt610n router and under single port forwarding the settings redcrawl mentioned where already there.  So it may be that Cisco has attempted to make the changes needed but regardless of these changes I still can't get it to work with Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail.  Just for everyones info I've listed their respective smtp servers and ports below:


     Outgoing SMTP Mail Servers:

          Hotmail  -                       Port  -  25

          Yahoo  -          Port  -  25

          Gmail  -                   Port  -  465


In any event, I would have to say that I've been a Linksys/Cisco loyalist up to this point but after this experience it looks like I'm going to go with another brand.


Good luck everyone and to the forum administrators I would change the title of this topic from "SOLVED" to "Pending".


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Re: Send Email Fail... SOLVED! WVC80N

It works for me.


You have to use the SMTP relay of your ISP, not hotmail, yahoo, or gmail.... those guys don't allow open-relays.


This is all on purpose to prevent spam.


Please check with your ISP to findout the address of your SMTP relay.


Otherwise you might want to investigate setting-up an ftp server to deposit the motion captures.

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Re: Send Email Fail... SOLVED! WVC80N

WVC80N is a great device, here is what worked during one tech setup, hope this helps!

On topic conditions:

    -Cox has 25 (port) disabled for added spam protection on it's network and don't let this kind of traffic (even w/ creds) across 587

    -WVC80N couldn't feed live or gmail over 465 either



    -Utilize creds over 587 (pls lookup the smtp server addr per location)


Make sure to set sensitivity all the way up for quick results on the motion detection notifications.  WVC80N logs anything moving (incl flashlight beam) anywhere within the full screen.  My recommendation is to operate with the LED off.


Yay Cisco all the way for networking!

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Re: Send Email Fail... SOLVED! WVC80N

several of the woes might be coming from the ISP settings. Many ISPs will not allow 25 for SMTP. I thing the above suggestion mught help your case as well.

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Need to change my original IP address: Linksys Cisco WVC80N camera

Using Comcast business Modem

It will NOT use or see the present IP address setup originally: another cpu was used, now longer available 


Need to change it to

Need help how to change the IP address

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Re: Send Email Fail... SOLVED! WVC80N

Still not solved for me.  Does anyone have email working with Comcast as the ISP.  Port 25 works great on my WVC54GCA but does not work with my WVC80N.  It was working at one time but not now.  Any ideas?