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WRT610N & WVC54G

i connect wired the camera on the wrt610n but wireless i can not any connect to my camera.


i read anything over port forward but i am a dutch boy and don't understand it.

can anywhan explaine in the dutch.




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Re: WRT610N & WVC54G

Port forwarding is only required when you need to view the Camera from a remote place...If you just want to view your camera wirelessly in your network you have to make sure to match the camera's wireless settings to your Linksys Wireless Router...

Open a web browser such as Internet Explorer.Go to the Address bar and enter your camera's IP address then press [Enter].Click the Setup Tab. You will need to put the Username and Password. By default it should be admin for both parameters. Under the Setup tab you can configure the wireless settings and IP Address Settings for your Camera.Make sure to match the camera's wireless settings to your Linksys Wireless Router...

Accessing the Router's Web based Set up page :

Open a web browser such as Internet Explorer.
Go to the Address bar and enter your Router's IP address ("" is the default IP address of most Linksys routers) then press [Enter]...Leave username blank & in password use admin in lower case...

When the router's web-based setup page appears, click Wireless...Look for Wireless Network Name (SSID) for 2.4GHz Frequency and take note of Wireless SSID...

Click on Wireless Security sub tab under Wireless...Look for 2.4GHz Frequency and if the Wireless Security is WEP take note of Key1 if the Wireless Security is WPA/WPA2 take note of Passphrase...

Now go to the set-up of your Camera and enter the same SSID and Wireless Security found on the router set-up...Select Fixed IP Address and enter the IP Address :, Subnet Mask :, Gateway : and click Apply...Unhook the Ethernet cable between the Router and the camera and power cycle the camera and the router...The Wireless LED Light should appear in the camera indicating that it is communicating with your wireless router...

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Re: WRT610N & WVC54G

i understand what you mean.

but everithing what you mean did'nt help anything.

the green led ready and the green led ethernet blinkt after i unhook the Ethernet cable between the Router and the camera and the power cable and re power the cable the Wireless led blinkt.

but i don't have any communication between the camera and my pc.


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Re: WRT610N & WVC54G

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Re: WRT610N & WVC54G

How do I see my camera which is at work from another location, for example when I am at home?  What website do I go to in order to view what is happening at the location of my camera?


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Re: WRT610N & WVC54G

This is pretty simple.


First you must configure the DDNS on your router. This is a service that maps your router's external IP address to the device using a URL name. Normally you wouldn't have to do this and you could simply connect to your router across the internet, from a remote site, by typing in it's external IP address from a browser anywhere in the world. (ie  where the x's are the routers external IP) The challenge is that many Internet providers dynamically update the router IP address. So you would not always know what address to use unless you check it on the router (i believe in the status window of the admin tool).


Dynamic DNS services let you set up an account with a user name and password. Some routers will update the DDNS site automatically on a regular basis. I think that my older WRT54G and my WRT350N did it automatically. Not sure if my new WRT610N will do it or not. The net of this is though that the router will tell the service it's new IP address, and the service maps it to a URL name. Some of these services are free such as DynDNS. Now all you have to do to connect to your router is set up a name such as "myhomenetwork". Then you select an extension from the service such as "". So by typing you can connect. This is great for managing your router remotely if you have that function enabled on your router. You just connect through port 8080 by typing and you can connect.


Now to configure the router so that it will pass your http connection to the camera you need to configure port forwarding on the router. This tells the router that if you recieve a specific request from the external network forward it to the specific internal IP device. Normally you cameral is located at IP (but it could be different if you config'ed it that way. So in the Port Forwarding window enter the device as such: Name = what ever you want; Ext Port = 1024; Int Port = 1024 (this is the port the camera listens on for requests, again, if you haven't config'ed otherwise); Protocol = Both (I believe); IP Address =


You then would connect to the camera by typing . I used to have this configured so that all http requests going to that URL would be forwarded to the camera as it was the only device on my network that I would connect to other than the router. This allows you to eliminate the :1024 in the address. But I am not sure again how I configured that. Perhaps it was by setting the port forwarding to port 80 on the internal and external addresses. You can also do this by entering in the camera IP address in the pre-configured port forwarding entries in the router config. But you must remember to change the WAN port settings on the camera as well.





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Re: WRT610N & WVC54G

I am having the same issue with the wrt610n and wvc54gc ver 1.0    I previously had a wrt 54g ver 6, and worked just fine.  I have the DynDNS server, and port forwarding enabled and configured correctly, and double checked the settings.  The IP address is fixed @115.  I have the same settings with a panison. camera configured on the next port and it works fine.  The only difference that I can tell is that the PanCam is using WPA2, whereas the wvc54gc is using WPA.  On the router, it says WPA2 and WPA using TKIP, but I'm suspecting that the router is not downgrading to WPA as it states, or that's where the issue lies. Unfortunately, I don't believe the 54gc supports WPA2.   It works fine when plugged into the router via ethernet, but that's not an option with where I want to place this camera.
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WVC54GCA Wireless-G connection problems

Hi. I would like some help please! I have the Wireless-G Camera, model: WVC54GCA. I had set it up in order to monitor my baby, but I couldn't capture any video with the utility that comes with the camera. I only could see it live through network. I try to make a firmware upgrade to version v.1.1 from v1.0 in order to resolve the problem. After the upgrade I can't connect the camera with my wireless network. It only connects through Ethernet but it can't find any wireless network even though there are 2 in my house, mine and from the neighbor. I try to reset the camera but it's keeping the new firmware. Any suggestions what can I do ?

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Re: WRT610N & WVC54G

Can i create mest network wireless using wrt610n router??

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Re: WRT610N & WVC54G

I am configuring at Linksys WVC54GC on a MacBook Pro running either Safari browser or Firefox browser (latest OS, patches and application versions and updates).


I have a firewall / router based on an Apple AirPort Extreme Router.


How do I configure the router / firewall to see the web camera now that I have a TZO DDNS domain?