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WVC200 PTZ Wireless problems

Although I had no problem with a hard wire connection on my new PTZ cam, the wireless feature simply would not work. I spent countless hours with network & firewall config and multiple reboots/resets on the cam with no luck. And then I read something in here that at first made me laugh, but sure enough it worked.

It appears that the antenna must be mounted in a completely horizontal position. After I rotated the antenna to this position, bingo, my wireless picked it up. Turn it back up and wireless is lost. I have several other older Linksys cams on this network that I tested right next to the new PTZ and had no problems so its not access point distance problems.

The PTZ still has some intermittent loss of wireless connection but at least it tested OK this time. Is anyone aware of antenna problems with this cam and can anyone suggest a resolve to the problem with the intermittent signal loss.

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Re: WVC200 PTZ Wireless problems

i guess this may be a one off case....however the concept of antenna position seems sound as the signals are transmitted in concentric circles.....I have my antennas positioned horizontal for my up -- down connection ...never had any signal problems....
Was testing the VC200 ....worked with the antenna in the vertical....
as far as the intermittent connection  is concerned, change the wireless settings on the router itself....just the beacon interval to 50 and RTS and fragmentation threshold by 40 each....this has worked for me most times Smiley Happy