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Re: WVC54G Email alert problems

I wish it were that simple, svg1. But after several hours in live chats with both Earthlink (my ISP) and Linksys, and after changing all kinds of settings, I'm still at square one, with one slight change.
I tried using the numeric IP for earthlink's secure mail server. I tried it with authentication on (which earthlink says you need) and with it off.  I tried other "to" email addresses. But I have to use the Earthlink SMTP outgoing server.
Then the Linksys technician said that firmware 2.11 has a documented fix for this problem. So I upgraded it. Of course, the Linksys livechat session got disconnected just as I finished the process, so she didn't get to hear my frustration when, after moving the camera to the wired network, upgrading, resetting, reconfiguring, and moving back to the wireless net, IT STILL DIDN'T WORK.
But there is one minor change: I WAS getting the "email address [address] rejected by SMTP server" error message. NOW I just get "send e-mail error." Great -- an even less informative error message.
While I did not buy the camera for this feature, it would be very nice to have it. More to the point, I hate having features that I can't use for mysterious reasons.
At least in all my effort this afternoon I have confirmed that it's not my wireless to wired uplink -- the email didn't work when I had the camera plugged in to the wired router either.
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Re: WVC54G Email alert problems

I made a really weird discovery on this problem. It appears there are a couple of issues that may be tripping folks up.
The first is the outgoing e-mail server. I was successful using my ISP SMTP server (either named or IP, both work, despite the documentation stating numeric IP). For my ISP (RoadRunner), I did not need to add authentication info. From my experience, most ISPs will allow outbound traffic through their SMTP server if you're on their network. That is, if I'm at a friend's house, who has ACMEnet, I can't use RoadRunner's SMTP server to send. Security feature...they know where to look for you if you're spamming. For people that find they need to use the IP for this to work, it may be a DNS problem. I use my own server for DNS, but using your ISP name server addresses should work as well. But if numeric IP works, great! Just remember if it just stops working one day, to check the IP address of your ISPs SMTP may change, which is why they use the names.
I was also successful using an SMPT server for a domain I own (only tried the named address). In this case, I had to use the authentication (valid e-mail/password). If I tried to use my domain SMTP without the authentication info, I got the error message "E-mail address [] rejected by SMTP server." This showed up almost instantly in the log file, compared to the messages below.
Now for the fun one. I had to test this multiple times to really believe it. I was not able to get the e-mail function to work properly with an address greater than xx.xx.xx.199. Originally I was trying to use a fixed IP of 10.xx.xx.201 to keep this out of the range of my DHCP addresses. I saw some other notes RE: using DHCP and it working, so what the heck! My IP became xx.xx.xx.110 and voila! It worked, a beer was quaffed, and it was good. My guess is that most people who get this to work are using the default DHCP settings for their router, which starts at xx.xx.xx.100, so they're OK. I could set my IP to xx.xx.xx.199 and it works. Go to xx.xx.xx.200 and I get the "Sending e-mail error" message after about 3 minutes. What's so special about .200? Dunno. Not like it's number of significance in the binary world. :smileymad: Anyway, when monitoing the system log for the send e-mail error, just give it a few minutes. You'll either get the e-mail, or the message within about 3 minutes.
Here's some of my other relevent settings/findings/info:
* The send-to and show-from fields are arbitrary. They seem to have nothing to do with proper outbound e-mail functionality. If you're using your ISP (assuming broadband here), they know who you are because you're on their "internal" network, so no authentication required. If you're using your own domain SMTP, then you have to provide the authentication info, so the other mail field aren't relevent.
* My firmware version is 2.07. I tried a firmware update once before for my router and that hurt, so I don't do that any more! :smileywink:
* Problem has nothing to do with wireless or wired connection. I tried both, and both work...except if my address is above xx.xx.xx.199. Grrr...
And the best news of all, I didn't have to talk to any Linksys tech folks so my blood pressure stayed reasonable! Hoo! Hoo!  :smileyvery-happy:
Hope this helps!
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Re: WVC54G Email alert problems @ v5.10 firmware

Like the rest of you and doing all your recommendations I still couldnt get the email alert to work. Then by sheer fluke one day after I had given up, I changed the 'show as from' field from to and it started working. Maybe my internet providers SMTP is fussy? Any how, below is a configuation that works:-
Enable :  Send E-Mail Alert when Motion Detected
 Send To:  (E-mail Address #1)
Show "From" as: (E-mail Address)
Subject:  alert!
Outgoing Mail: SMTP Server:
My Mail Server Requires Authentication YES
Account Name:  Test
Password:  abcdefg
E-Mail Video:  Enable    E-mail video length:  3 seconds
Delay between E-mails: 4 minutes
Motion Detection: Sensitivity:  Normal
Select the area for motion detection:  all ticked
TCP setup: DHCP selected
no encryption
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Re: WVC54G Email alert problems

I have also tried firmware version 2.07, 2.11 and the EU version 2.12 (that I use right now,) but found some problem in each of them. Email video notification works in 2.07 but because it has a memory leak, the cam has to be reset weekly or so and pretty inconvenient when you are on vacation somewhere else. The memory leak was supposed to be fixed in 2.11 but then they introduced another bug with the smtp server issue. The EU 2.12 version's video seems to only snap a static picture instead of a few sec long video clip that's attached to the email notification.
I have not tried 2.11 with the explicit IP number for the smtp server, so I don't know if that would provide a short video clip, as does 2.07, or just a snapshot as ver. 2.12 does. Anybody knows?
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Re: WVC54G Email alert problems

A solution I found for myself:


This is an email client very similar to google and doesn't require SSL.


I've tested and it works. Just sign up for new account!