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WVC54G connection problems

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i have read various posts with other peoples difficulties but i wanted to pass my problem through to see if nayone can help.
here are my settings:
Router ( Gateway ) ip ( fixed )
FSG ( server )
wan range ( leaving the router ip out as this is fixed )
camera fixed ip
fsg is the server that shows when i type either my outside ip address or no-ip address. i set up the solo ddns and the camera states that it registered. i can view the camera internally via the ip address ( no port required ) but cannot access this from outside. i ave another internet connection to check this as i know that i cannot access through the same network.
the FSG is a file server not a windows server.
would i be better to attach the camera to the modem router instead so i can get access before the FSG?
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Re: WVC54G connection problems

well, if you want to access camera from outside n/w (internet) you need to have public IP on the WAN side of your LAN n/ that you can open ports for the camera on the router or modem/router (gateway)... ports cannot be open on private IP, it has to be a public IP....if on your FSG server WAN IP is port forwarding feature will not work, so connect camera directly to the gateway or configure it according to IP address range of gateway...
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Re: WVC54G connection problems

thank you for your response. i had figured it out already. i removed my camera from my file server ( FSG ) and connected it to the main modem. reset the ip to and set a port direct to it. i can now get access from the web.
thanks anyway,