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WVC54GCA and 2WIRE Router

I am having problems setting up the WVC54GCA camera to run in a wireless mode. Following are the steps that I have done:
- Configured the camera to use static ip
- Setup the camera with the router's wireless settings and 10-digit WEP key
- Camera works fine with the ethernet connection
- Re-started the router and the camera numerous times
When I disable the security on both the router and the camera, it works. But the problem again starts when I re-enable security first on the camera and then the router.
I am running out of ideas. Please help!!!
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Re: WVC54GCA and 2WIRE Router

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Re: WVC54GCA and 2WIRE Router

The camera should work with the security enabled network ....
Also the connection on the camera should work for longer time ....
In such case you need to upgrade the firmware of the Camera & the wireless router ...
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Re: WVC54GCA and 2WIRE Router

I am having the same issue.  I bought the camera yesterday with Firmware Version: V1.00R24
I am at a loss as to why this won't connect with my 2wire ATT uverse router while in wireless mode. 
It works well when I have an ethernet cable plugged in to it.
Thanks for any help.
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Re: WVC54GCA and 2WIRE Router

I  have the same issue and all firmware is updated ? works great will the cable however it will not join via wireless,
Current Software Version:
No Upgrade Available Your system has the latest software version available. Please check back later.
and the WVC54GCA, has the most current firmware as well.

 1.00R24  1/07/2008  Version Info

Linksys, A Division of Cisco Systems, Inc.

Product:                WVC54GCA
Classification:         Firmware Release History
Release Date:           1/07/2008
Last Firmware Version:    V1.00R24, Jan 7, 2008

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Re: WVC54GCA and 2WIRE Router

I had the same problem with my 2Wire and WiFi linksys camera. Here's how I fixed it.

First, go ahead and grab yourself a tasty Miller Lite out of the fridge. You're going to need it to get through both this horrible walk-through verbiage and the steps contained within. If a fancy beer is your thing, go ahead and grab one of those instead. If you're into wine, piss off. Anything harder and you're probably an alcoholic with bigger problems than a non-working WiFi connection for your camera toy gizmo. Seek profession help.

I followed the instructions (CD-based walkthrough method) for setting up the camera up to the point just before it attempts to find the camera on your WiFi network. Go ahead and get to this point. You'll probably want to start by resetting the camera (press that little button on the bottom for a few seconds while the power is on so you're working with a clean slate.) Just keep everything DHCP if your network setup allows this because it's easier at this point. If you want to go back and change the IP settings to be static later, that's fine. Make sure that you entered the correct WiFi settings in the setup process and all that jazz.

Take a break and grab yourself another cold one.

Yay, it found the camera connected by ethernet cable to your router, you were able to enter your WiFi and IP info (remember, keep it simple for now, once it's up and running you can tinker and whatnot.) Now, it's telling you to unplug the camera power, disconnect the ethernet cable, (go ahead and do these two steps, pressing next in between) and reconnect the power cable, but DON'T RECONNECT THE POWER CABLE JUST YET.

If you're a faster drinker / slow follower of bad instructions, you're probably ready for another beer. Go ahead and get one. If not, take five minutes to kiss your husband or wife, pet your dog, yell at your teenager, or whatever it is you do to kill time while finishing a drink. Grab another and let's get back to business.

Now we're going to tinker with some of the settings in the 2Wire router.

Go to the advanced 2Wire config page (Management Diagnostics Console to be exact) at (it should be the same for you unless you changed the 2Wire internal LAN IP address, in which case you would substitute the corresponding IP for your 2Wire setup.) You might be required to enter a password to access this page, or subsequent pages. If that's the case, the default password is printed on a label on the side of your 2Wire box. Enter it if you're prompted to do so.

Then, on the left, under the bolded text "Troubleshooting", click the link labeled "Resets".

If all of those little words on the screen are looking a little blurry, it's because you're drunk. If not, drink more.

Now you'll see a button labeled "Clear" next to the words "Local Network" this "Clears all devices from your Local Network list. Network devices will appear in the list as they are re-discovered." Go ahead and click this "Clear" button. It may appear that nothing has happened. This is not the case. Go ahead and click it again, just to be sure you got it the first time.

As it relates to your camera, what this has done is to tell your router to forget what it knows about the connection type (wired) of the camera from the initial wired setup.

Now what you should do is re-connect the power to your camera (with the ethernet cable NOT CONNECTED) and wait about a minute. You'll probably see a solid blue LED for a few seconds. Followed by a flashing blue LED for up to a minute or so, followed by a solid blue LED again.

While you're waiting for the LED dance to finish, go ahead and have another drink. You deserve it.

Your camera should now be communicating with the 2Wire wirelessly. You don't really need to finish up the steps in the CD-based initial setup I believe. I think you can just check your "Home Network" summary in the 2Wire webpage ( for the IP address of the camera. Enter that IP into a web browser and you're good to go. You should see the same webpage you saw when it was working via the wired method. Worked for me anyhow.

If you have questions or you're unsure what the heck I'm talking about. Feel free to email me. fredbblakemore at hotmail should do the trick. Shoot me an email and I'd even be willing to walk you through it on the phone if necessary.
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Re: WVC54GCA and 2WIRE Router

Thanks for your write up here.  I used it and was able get things working.  Here is interesting FYI.  In my new 2wire router, I didn't have to reset and clear the camera after I switched from a wired to wirelss.  It turns out that the wireless pass parse that I was using on the camera was not coding correctly.  When I the  default password or when I had no security on the wireless, the camera came up without any problems.


Now I'm working on getting access to the camera from the internet.  When I had a linksys router this was easily.  However, I haven't been able poke a hole into the firewall and route a port address into the camera.


Have you any luck on this?


thanks in advance

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Re: WVC54GCA and 2WIRE Router

Thanks a bunch! This worked perfectly for me. I did replace the beer with pepsi, but it worked wonders anyways! LOL. Thanks again!