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WVC54GCA problem

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First device did not work at all (changed it). Second device blue light turns on, setup goes until selecting wireless network but won't find anything and turns off after some time. Then it won't start at all. After staying without power some time it turns on again but now it won't find camera. Unplugging again and resetting it comes alive again but all problems began from start.

Is it normal that it won't power on at once?

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Re: WVC54GCA problem

You may have to configure the camera manually. Using a web browser, type in the IP address of your camera.If you don't know your camera's internal IP address you can easy determine this by running the setup wizard that came with your camera. Log into the camera by going to http://192.168.1.XXX. then follow the  steps in this link to connect wirelessly to the router and use this link to configure it for remote access.
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Re: WVC54GCA problem

my first didn't work either - a dud power block. Have you tried pluuging it in - connecting the ethernet cable to the router - resetting. Turning off then turning on again with the ethernet cable still connected to the router and with the setup CD. With the ethernet cable the router should find it and give it an ip address, as you work through the set up instructions and remove the ethernet cable and restart the router should find it - on my BT Home hub I did click the button to search for new wireless devices at the same time which is much the same as adding a mac address on other routers - if your router is really closed down then it might not automatically allow your device to connect. Try it with the ethernet cable and see if it works.


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Re: WVC54GCA problem

As I said - it turns off and won't power on. When off and stays that way some time turns on again. I used cable but don't have webpanel access.

Just wanted to know did someone had similar problem. Caused by faulty adapter, power circuit or firmware.

Anyway took it back again and new one will be checked before they hand it over.

Maybe bad series (manufactured 08/2008).

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Re: WVC54GCA problem

Got new camera (third) and it is working. Cameras were faulty. So if You have same problem take it back straight away.

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Re: WVC54GCA problem

Hello All. I bought the Wvc54GCA and I ran into what seemed like a multitude of problems. I couldn't get the FTP to work, I couldn't get the email to work, I couldn't get the motion detection to work.... if this is starting to sound familiar.... It all depends on a single error that was made regarding activex controls.


You MUST log in to the camera's IP (if you can't do this find someone who can).


Access Advanced Configuration

Access Motion Detection

Access Set Sensitivity Area


Now. Pay Attention! You must use Internet Explorer as your web browser (if you don't know what that means ask the same 'someone who can')

Internet explorer is required to execute Acitve X

You must change the security settings in Internet explorer to a custom level, and then go in and search for the active X settings. When you find the active X settings, you have to enable unsigned active X. After you have done this, then go back into the camera by the IP,


Set the Sensitivity Area - Do what you want to get the results you want.


Then go back to your browser and revert the security settings otherwise your A$shole is exposed to the internet.


All of your FTP, email, and motion detection problems will be solved.   If you have other types of problems, then you are looking for a different solution.

Cheers, to Beers, M