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WVC80N and Blackberry????

Recently purchased and installed WVC80N camera.  Works internally and remotely both by using TZO domain name or going directly to static IP.  However, I have been unable to make any progress viewing on Blackberry Curve from Verizon.  I have tried everything in these forums and from  I have configured the camera exactly as specified in myhomeserver tutorial.  When I try to enter rtsp:// on the Blackberry, I get "the protocol specified is not supported by the handheld.  please try a different url.".  Same message when attempting to view rtsp://  Seems that some people have had success with the Blackberry Curve, but I remain at a loss.   Any ideas?  I do not quite comprehend the "VLC" viewing.  
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Re: WVC80N and Blackberry????

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Which browser you are using on the Blackberry...?


Try to change the browser and check.

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Re: WVC80N and Blackberry????

I have the same issue on the storm. I have tried all 3 browsers that come with the storm

The linksys/cisco help desk is nice but worthless, all they could tell me is it is an issue with BBs and to get support you must pay since it is not their product.


What a load of **bleep**. Bottom line it is false advertising by CISCO. It says it will work with smart phones and it does not. I have tried no less than 10 blackberries all with the same result.


I feel your frustration and CISCO is going to do nothing to help you.


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Re: WVC80N and Blackberry????

I'm using the same thing with my Storm and have successfully streamed to my phone.  You are entering the right thing in your browser address line (rtsp://<yourname><accesscode>) so you should just make sure you have all the right ports open on your router. 


When you setup your camera it will open up port 1024 but 554 needs to be open for rtsp and 5000 should be setup for data.  These are all the default port numbers and should be pointed at your camera's IP address.  That was the last step I had to do to get mine to work.


I still have one issue, however, where I can only stream for a short burst before it cuts off.  I can enter the url again for another view of the camera but this is annoying and I need to figure this out.  Maybe you won't have that particular issue.


Hope that helps.

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Re: WVC80N and Blackberry????


I'm not sure how helpful this will be, but I use a blackberry bold9700 and use a program called mobiscope to view my cameras remotely. It is available from the bb app world and it was a breeze to set up.  All I had to do was pick the camera name and model from a list and it set it up itself.  You can use up to 4 cameras and I prefer it over the software that came with the linksys

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Re: WVC80N and Blackberry????

Saw this reply and added the MobiScope app on my Blackberry Curve 8330.  It works fine when I entered my domain name and selected Linksys and WVC80N camera.  The app has a free trial but will cost $19.95 if you want to continue its use.  I will be going with the I5 when it comes out for Verizon in a few months and nothing is needed with that phone.  Looks terrific on the I4.

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Re: WVC80N and Blackberry????

Hey guys,


So I am a developer, and I'v recieved the GPL sources for the WVC80n camera from Cisco, and have looked at the src file responsible for this problem.


Pretty much the developers Cisco sub-contracts to provide the camera have the idea to silently prevent problems from devices known to have problems with m-jpeg or mpeg4.


The capability of the device to do this appears to be simply based on the user-agent string sent to the cameras httpd server.



Some people have worked around this issue by using a proxy server that manipulates the user-agent string, or with a handheld devices that allows the end-user to change the user-agent setting.


However, I can say I was able to get my blackberry device to work when I used to opera web browser, instead of the crap-tastic one provided by RIM.



One of the first things I'm going to do, once I get my firmware build-system setup, is to disable the feature.

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entRe: WVC80N and Blackberry????

Well  I logged onto their website this morning to complain, but the Info presented here solved the problem on my BB Storm 2. On the phone at the network prompt just  enter the TZO website domain name, ( just cut and pasted) added  the port 1024 and do the select cameria and model thing just like it says and lo and behold the darn thing works fine!  Mobiscope you sold me!!