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WVC80N can't connect to router during setup after upgrading to new Comcast modem\router

I had an old Comcast modem and Linksys router and the WVC80N was working fine.  Getting emails when motion was detected and able to view remotely using TZO.  The modem was so old I had to get the latest hardware from Comcast which was a modem \ router all in one.  It is an SMC router.   I was able to get all our devices (PCs, XBox, etc) working on the wireless.  I tried to connect to the WVC80N camera and I couldn't connect using the browser.  I tried several things and ended up doing a factory reset of the camera.   When I was running the setup wizard, I was able to get device working and the wireless working BUT when I got to the page where you enter the router login (admin) and password (my pwd), it would get past the "Connecting to Router..." step but at the "Test Password" step, it would fail with a "incorrect login information.   Try entering it again or check box to skip this."   It is the same login and password I use to get to the router using the browser \ IP.  It is correct.    Now I can't remote view and also my email is not being sent. 


What I did:

  • On the camera – I set the Alt Web Access Port to 1024 
  • On the router I set the Port Forwarding to the following:


Service Name


Start Port

End Port

Server IP










 What works:

  • Using web site ( I can access the camera over wireless
  • Using the windows app I can access it and view video
  • It is detecting motion (see it in the log file that motion was detected)


What doesn’t work:

  • When I run the setup (using camera setup program), it asked for Router login \ password … I entered info and it “found” the router but failed during authentication.  I entered exact same login \ pwd through web access (http://10.0...) of the router and it worked fine.
  • The live video stream service isn’t working either.  This is the one where I can just go to the site from TZO.  During Setup, it says that this service will not work if you skip the Router Login \ pwd step.
  • The Send Email is failing.  Just puts this in log: “08/03/2013 15:44:52 SMTP: Failed to send E-mail to” 

I am starting to think this camera just isn't compatible with this router.




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Re: WVC80N can't connect to router during setup after upgrading to new Comcast modem\router

Hi, if you have run the correct camera setup wizard, then I don’t think the camera will ask you to enter the router’s password. I would suggest that you configure the camera manually using this link: With regard to motion detection, I would suggest that you set the sensitivity area to high and try to use another smtp server. As for accessing the camera remotely using TZO, the router setup that you have will not work because of double NAT. You can have that issue fixed by either: setting the modem to full bridge mode or to perform double port forwarding: