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Re: RTP and RTSP

http port AND RTSP port must be unique PER each cam

80 & 554 for #1
1024 & 1030 for #2
1025 & 1031 for #3
1026 & 1032 for #4

My phone is not a windows smartphone, its a LG voyager. HowardForums has plenty of info on all cell phones

If your phone supports RTSP, it will work. Check with your provider, Im not sure how much clearer I can make this
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Re: RTP and RTSP

Hi RemoteAccess, thanks for the replies. So I couldn't access it using my phone, even though I'm pretty sure it supports it. But the time being, I'm only testing with WMP and Quicktime. So I have my web port at 8080, and my RTSP port at 554. I forward both to my cam's internal static ip. But I can't view anything in WMP or Quicktime. I'm inputting the following URL: rtsp://ipaddr:554 Are you able to see the stream locally with either application?
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Re: RTP and RTSP

I haven't used any other apps for this, just my cell phone and PC browser. Apparently you can use QT, WMP and others, but I have not tried.

See the review on, just posted and shows some info on rtsp
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Re: RTSP Player

Did you ever get your ATT Tilt to show the streaming video from your Linksys Internet Camera?  I have an ATT Tilt and would like to see the streaming video from my Linksys WVC54GCA.  Thanks.
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Re: RTSP Player

I've used the verizon voyager cell phone (made by LG) and it works great with just port 554 (TCP) open.  We recently did a few youtube videos on the Linksys WVC210 camera and one of the videos shows how to setup the RTSP in the camera and router to connect with your cell.

You can get more info the website or go directly to our youtube videos at

Linksys IP camera reviews, Tutorials and How-To's on Web & Mobile Streaming
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Re: RTSP Player



See if you can help me with this one.  I can view my cams from a remote web browser and I can view 1 of them from my phone on port 554.  Both cameras are setup with static IPs on my network and have different ports for web viewing (1024, 1025).  If I try to setup both cams with different RTSP ports and forward each of them to the correct cam I get connection closed.


If I leave one on the default RTSP port 554 and RTP Data port at 5000 I can get in to view that cam.  Keeping that setting on cam1 if I try to give cam2 a new RTSP port (1030) and leave the RTP Data port alone I will get the feed for cam1 (one on 554) when giving the url to cam2 (RTPS://mydomain:1031/access code) and if I give cam2 a different RTP Data port I will still get the feed for cam1.


One other thing that makes this all weird is that if I close port 1030 in my router (was one of the test ports for cam1) and then specify it from my phone it will still give me the feed for cam1 while cam1 is setup to use port 554 and data port 5000......