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help!!! problems changing the wireless channel on a WVC54GC

hi all, im am trying to set up the WVC54GC internet camera wirelessley but to no avail. it works fine connected to the router via ethernet and can access it easily over the internet on various computers using DYNDNS (by the way this is great...and most of all free :-) anyway i think my problem is the wireless channel as the channel on my router is 11 where as the channel on my cam is 6, so i take it this wont work. i was just wondering is there a way of changing this on the cam? because if i change the channel the router uses to 6 ( the channel that the cam is currently set on) then for some reason i cant connect to my router at all wirelessly even with a pc. so i was hoping to leave the router channel to 11 and change my cam to match this. is this possible?
also i tried to set up motion detection but that doesnt work either, i have specified the email address to send it to with the SMTP settings. what do i need to put in the "from box"? is it just a normal email address? also in the sensitivity settings there is an option the change the "threshold" where i can increase or decrease it. anybody know what this does? i hope someone can provide advice to me as i have spent most of the weekend trying this and soon is going to send me crazy. any help would be brilliant.
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Re: help!!! problems changing the wireless channel on a WVC54GC far as i cannot change the wireless channel settings on the adjusts its channel as per the setting on the wireless router...
in the "from box" you need to enter the e-mail add and then enter the SMTP server address for the same ... and I am not quite sure about the "threshold" settings .. would let you know once i get some useful information about the same ..
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Re: help!!! problems changing the wireless channel on a WVC54GC

you may have setup the router as ad hoc instead of infrastructure (run the setup again)
if you can change the channel for the wvc54g then its in ad hoc mode.
If its to be connected toa wireless router it should be infrastructure.