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Hi, My name is Ajay Vogar, I have cisco router but i have forgotten my official network password and i don't have a guestnetwork cgi password can u pls help me.....?


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Unfortunately, the only way to go about it is to reset the router and reconfigure again. If you need further help in re-setting up your network, do post back.

The Search Function is your friend.... and Google too.

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Whats the Model number of your Router?


On your computer if you have installed a Cisco Connect software on your computer, you can find the guest access password using the Cisco Connect software. When you open the Cisco Connect software on your computer click on the option "Guest Access" now in this window you will be able to find out the password for your guest network. Using that password you can connect to your wireless network.

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My password is not working



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Are you referring to the wireless network password, guest password, or the router admin password? The router's model number would be helpful too. You might find this link helpful. Smiley Wink