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Registered: ‎07-17-2012

Cisco Connect will not open

I clicked on CISCO CONNECT in my programs and all I get is the popup window and "please wait" in the center. It's been awhile and it won't connect.


Is there something I need to do or something I can do to get this to connect?


Thanks for your help..this community board is very informative! :smileyhappy:
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Registered: ‎08-04-2012

Re: Cisco Connect will not open

please send me a message to locate my cisco password.

            thank you

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Registered: ‎04-06-2010

Re: Cisco Connect will not open

Are you pertaining to the Cisco Connect Guest Password? What is your router model? If you set up your router using Cisco Connect, you can find it there.

If you are pertaining to the password you use to access the routers web admin, default is to leave username blank and type admin as the password. If you initially set it up, the only way to recover it is to reset the router.

If you are pertaining to the Security password, one that you use to connect iphones, laptops etc wirelessly to your router, just login to the routers Web interface and you can find it there. Type on your browsers address field.

The Search Function is your friend.... and Google too.

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