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E2500 Router Cisco Connect Guest Only

I have a laptop running Windows Vista.  I had to reformat the laptop recently and when I tried to connect to the wifi internet it only lets me connect as a guest.  I feel this is not as secure.  What do I need to do to be able to connect to the more secure side of the network?  I tried to reinstall from the CD but couldn't.  And I accidentally deleted the "Cisco Connect" from the memory key I used for the original install.  Thanks in advance for your help.



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Re: E2500 Router Cisco Connect Guest Only

You can download the software again from their website.

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Re: E2500 Router Cisco Connect Guest Only

Well, you reinstall the cisco connect software on your computer BUT you have to this first


  •  download Cisco Connect Software on a working computer
  •  reset the router for 10 secs by pressing the reset button
  • run the cisco connect software


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Re: E2500 Router Cisco Connect Guest Only

I tried what you suggested & it didn't work.  I used the "Cisco Connect" key on the problem laptop and it got up to 25% install & then I got the message that I needed to contact your website.  What's odd is that my son's laptop (an IMac) & my laptop (Win 7)  connect fine to the secure router.  But on the problem laptop we have to connect to "guest" every time we want to get on the internet.  On the "Connect to Network" window, it says the secure router is connected but it's an "Unidentified network."  Please advise.  Thanks for you help!