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Getting Cisco Connect

I had to do a full system recovery on the computer that set up my router. The router works fine but I do not have any Cisco software loaded. Can I get it off the set up disc without causing any problems. I need Cisco connect to find the guest password

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Re: Getting Cisco Connect

Let me know the model number of the router? Linksys Wireless-N Routers are designed to be set up with the Cisco Connect software that comes with the device.  In some cases, the router is setup manually without using the software or in case the computer does not have Cisco Connect Software.  This would mean that Cisco Connect will have to be synchronized with the settings of the router to be able to use the other features that the software has.  Here is the link to ensure proper installation of the Cisco Connect software:

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Re: Getting Cisco Connect

I have E1000...have a new notebook....have original cds.  should I install on my new notebook by simply putting cd into drive?

I did 'talk' to someone at cisco...right after he told me my warranty was up, he said I should 'reset'...what do u know about that.