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Inernet connection problem

I have Linksys Easy Link Advisor and also connected through Internet. Since some period about 3 months there was no problem but now I got a red line from Internet to my Router WAG160N, and all green lines are their.


I am also connected to internet even after their is red line showing.


For solving this problem I followed every thing like: Repair Internet,  Resetting my Router WAG160N and also  uninstall and reinstalled the Linksys Easy Link Advisor.


When I uninstalled and reinstalled Linksys Easy Link Advisor it started working properly. But when I restarted my Laptop again on the next day it happned again and showed the red line on the same but Internet is connected and I can watch all site. Please help me to know what is the problem and how to solve it.

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Re: Inernet connection problem

If your laptop is able to access the Internet and working fine then uninstall the Easy Link Advisor from the computer.

You don't need Easy Link advisor.


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Re: Inernet connection problem

Thanks for reply and I uninstalled and reinstalled again now from some days it is working properly. I think some time virus are making problem and I have also installed


Microsoft Essential Security


this antivirus is working very nicely and I am feeling very good after it was installes also I installed


I Obit Security 360


This security system cleans all leftover virus,malware,adware and many other similar problems.



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Re: Inernet connection problem

I also need Linksys Advisor for traking my internet users.


It also updates my Firmware and also show which update is needed.