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Trying to set up easy set up key

I'm trying to set up the easy set up key. I am running the set up and came to the page that said "Insert Your Easy Set up Key" however now nothing is happening, it was already plugged into a USB, I tried taking it out and re plugging it in, restarting the set up. I won't let me move on to the next step.


It was already set up, however, I was trying to connect a Mac running Lion to our wireless network, the password is not working, so i'm trying to access the router to find out what is going on through our desktop computer which is running Windows 7.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Trying to set up easy set up key

The Easy Setup key is just a regular flash drive.  Is it possible someone accidentally erased it?


You can recreate an easy setup key (or make a backup) with the instructions here:



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Re: Trying to set up easy set up key

Let me know the model number of the router? What is the version of Cisco Connect Software that you are using. Older versions of Cisco Connect for Mac computers have compatibility issues with the latest release of Mac OS X (10.7 “Lion”). Only Cisco Connect versions 1.4.11222 and newer are compatible with the Lion operating system.


Check the link of the devices that have this update:


Once after updating with the latest Cisco Connect Software then create the wireless setup key for the mac to connect wireless.