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Valet Plus Connection cuts out

I have the Valet Plus (with a Windows Vista laptop).   Every time I bring the computer back from hibernation I need to restart the computer in order to access the internet.  Also, when I am surfing the web the router cuts out and then comes back in.  I spent a total of 2.5 hours with tech support just getting the thing to work now this.  I’m getting very frustrated….

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Re: Valet Plus Connection cuts out

Change some advanced wireless settings on the router. Click on Wireless tab and go to Advanced wireless settings. Change the Beacon interval to 75, RTS threshold to 2307 and fragmentation threshold to 2306. Save the settings.


Many times it happens that your computer can not connect to the wireless network after sleep mode. I think this is the issue with the computer. Check the power management settings of the wireless adapter on the computer. There is an option NOT to turn off the device when in sleep mode.

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Re: Valet Plus Connection cuts out

make sure that the settings of the network saved on your computer is set to automatic connect Smiley Happy

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Re: Valet Plus Connection cuts out

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Have you tried checking your internet connection when your computer is directly to your modem?