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Accepted Solution

guest password

I have a Cisco Valet M10.  When I use my labtop to go on the internet, a screen pops up asking for guest access.  I do not know the proper password.  When I tried to type in olive64, it still was incorrect.

How to I create a new password, or retrieve the one that it needs?

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Re: guest password

I'm having the same problem trying to use my work laptop at home via the Valet and have had no luck retrieving a password.   Good luck!

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Re: guest password

With Cisco Valet M10 you get the setup key to setup the wireless computer. So, try to run the setup key and then check  if you

are able to find the key.

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Re: guest password

Hi Susannah49!


If you're the administrator of the network, you can recheck your Valet User name and Password in the Cisco Connect software. To know how, click here.


However, if you're a guest who is trying to connect to your host's Guest network, simply ask for the Guest password from your host. You can also click here to find out more.

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ine using the Re: guest password

you can actually check the cisco connect software on the computer where you set up the valet and you should be able to see the correct guest password.

it's case sensitive also

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Re: guest password

Please provide me with the guest access password for my M10.  Without it I can't seem to get my wife's My Gait system connected. 


Bernard Huizenga

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Re: guest password

I need the guest password

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Re: guest password

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Re: guest password

Do not leave any spaces

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Re: guest password

need a guest password to access cisco inernet services