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Cisco Valet Connector Issue

Hi, I bought cisco valet connector about 2 weeks ago and it connects to internet fine


but when I restart my desktop, I can not connect to wireless internet anymore


worse thing is that whole house's wireless goes down because of me


I had a discussion about this with AT.T people and they said because valet connector might changes the default gateway


of the router we are using


we are currently using cisco router I think it is old Wireless-G model.


but how can I fix this problem? more weird thing is that on the computer, it says it is connected to internet but I just


can't excess to browser. As I click browser, it says internet explorer can not open the page


that means there should be a problem with TCP/IP address thing


Should I disable the Wireless Zero Configuration? or should I manualy set my IP?


please give me some advice


thank you

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Re: Cisco Valet Connector Issue

I don't think that a wireless adapter can change the settings on the router.

It says connected to the wireless network then it should have some IP address. Check the IP address of that computer when you are not able to access the Internet.

You can also try to assign a static IP address to the computer and see if that makes any difference.

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Re: Cisco Valet Connector Issue

AM10 should be changing your settings , it is the router's problem or some power outage.