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I have a laptop, do I need a connector?

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My family has 3 laptops and was wondering if we need a valet connector for each laptop or if we can just buy the router.



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Re: I have a laptop

Does each laptop have built in wireless?  If so, then NO, you don't need a USB wireless adapter for them!

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Re: I have a laptop

yup just need wireless adapters on them. Built in or 3rd party are fine.


The connectors are just needed if you do not have wireless, or if you have older built in adapters and want 802.11n speeds.

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Re: I have a laptop

You only need one Valet device because by default, your laptops already have a built-in wireless device to connect to a wireless signal. HTH. Smiley Happy

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Re: I have a laptop

most laptops today has a built wireless card on it .. actually no need for you to buy a connector .. you just need to have the valet work on the network nad have internet access wirelessly

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Re: I have a laptop

same question here. thank you for the helpful discussion.Smiley Happy

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