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Router Connection problems

Hi Everyone


This is my first post unfortunately not that tech minded so bear with me. I've got a  WAG54G2 router set it up @ Xmas no probs got PC, Xbox, Ipod Touch and Wii networked in, yesterday I tried to get my Blackberry Wifi function linked up to it as well and as well as that not working it seems it knocked everything out but my PC and internet connection unfortunately I don't know how to get everything else back I've tried re connecting all the other stuff but they just won't.


Does anybody know if firstly it was the Blackberry Wifi that did this and secondly what to do about it?


Any advice gratefully received





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Re: Router Connection problems

I've experinced this problem, but since i've updated my Blackberry OS, everything was ok. Seem like my blackberry wifi driver was outdated. Go to Blackberry website & update your Blackberry OS.

Hope this help.