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Windows 7 and LELA

I read that LELA is not supported under Windows 7. When will this happen? I just upgraded and am anxious to reload LELA.

Also –

Since I did a clean install of Windows 7 I need to reinstall a complete new copy of LELA. I can’t seem to find where to go on the Linksys Web site to do that.

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Re: Windows 7 and LELA

I was in the chat room with support today with the same question you have asked.  They directed me to Network Magic page. After I realized this was the page to purchase it. I went back to the Support Chat room. Then basically I got the usual verbiage of "so sad we are sorry for the inconvenience", and by the way. Net Work Magic is not 100% compatible with Win 7.  The feel is that they are dropping LELA.
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Re: Windows 7 and LELA

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The Home Network defender was the only reason that I purchased it and now that I have upgraded to Windows 7, it is unreliable.  Going to try to install LELA on my other PC that is XP.




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