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Attempting to use WGA54G to bridge two routers

I have a WGA54G and two Dlink DI-624 wireless routers.  One of the routers is used to provide a wireless network for my apartment, the other I wanted to use as a basic router to split the ethernet port of the WGA54G into multiple game systems.
I would also like to use it as a second wireless access point for the living room, if possible.
Anyway, I can set up the game adapter to connect to my network and allow me to access the internet through my laptop directly, but when I try setting up and connecting the WGA54G to the router and my laptop to the router, I get nothing.
Is this even possible to do with what I have?  Are there any IP settings I need to manually set?  Any other suggestions?
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Re: Attempting to use WGA54G to bridge two routers

hi....what u will need to do is , first get the "wireless MAC address" of the main D-link wireless router.....once u have that ...hardwire the GA to the D-link first....bring up the configuration page of the GA  and input the "wireless MAC address" of the D-link into the GA.....once done , save settings and then connect....u can then unplug the GA from the router and connect it to your gaming console.
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Re: Attempting to use WGA54G to bridge two routers

If I understand what you're saying, it's not quite what I want to do... here's a simple schematic of what I'd like to accomplish, if possible:
[Cable Modem] ---> DI624 (1) *****>  WGA54G ---> DI624 (2)  --->Xbox360
                                                 *****> Misc                                  --->PS2
                                                                                                    *****> Misc 
This would be, cable modem hardwired to 1st DI624 (denoted by ---> ), with wireless output (denoted by *****> ) to the WGA54G and other things.  Then the WGA54G would be hardwired to the 2nd DI624 which would be also hardwired to the game systems.  Optionally, the 2nd DI624 would also provide a second wireless access point (different than 1st).