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DLNA support for WMB54G

I’m wondering why Cisco (except for making money by selling other products) just not modify the firmware of WMB54G to support DLNA?  That way, I could use Windows Media Player to send songs to the device.  No need to install any other software like “Utility v1.4”. 


Is it so complicated to support DLNA?

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Re: DLNA support for WMB54G

The WMB54G is quite an old device and used to work flawlessly with the utility provided along with it. The DLNA was founded in 2003 and the main modifications were done in the later part of 2006.


I dont think Linksys would be coming up with the updated firmware for this device as they have already stopped manufacturing it. So you will have to make do with the utility which comes along with the music bridge.