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DMA2100 Won't Connect - HELP!

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My DMA2100 won't connect to my Vista MC and keeps repeating the message "An update to your Windows Media Center PC is required."


I have the latest DMA firmware and I have the latest updates for Vista and MC.  When I first tried connecting it did give me the setup key, but Vista would fail on the last setup step.  Now the DMA won't even give me a setup key, just the same old message.


FYI... It's been running fine for the past year. But then my HP m8300f seemed to crap out, but I did a factory recovery and this is were I am now.


Really miss my Vista MC.



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Re: DMA2100 Won't Connect - HELP!

Well, it seems Windows wasn't done installing everything.  I came home today to find that SP1 was qued up and after installing it the DMA2100 connected just fine.  I thought I had installed SP1 yesterday.  Perhaps it didn't take??


This issue is now solved.

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Re: DMA2100 Won't Connect - HELP!



Try to check on the update history of your Vista machine if it has these updates from Microsoft.


KB938126 v3










Remember, these updates should be done respectively and be sure you're disabling your firewalls while setting up your extender.