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DMA2100 how to factory reset in Windows 7?


I've recently purchased a DMA2100 and have had it successfully talking to my Windows 7 64-bit media center PC. The problem I'm having seems to be a variant of a couple of other problems I've seen on here but not quite the same.


I have no problem connecting using my DMA2100 through a HDMI cable, but get no picture at all when connecting it through either composite of S-Video. Given that I bought the DMA2100 to use with my old analogue set, this kinda sucks!


A previous poster managed to get his DMA2100 to output a picture through composite by doing a factory reset by going through the menus of Vista Media Center. I'm hoping the same will resolve my problem, but cannot figure out how to do this (or how to change video settings) using the Windows 7 Media Center interface.



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Re: DMA2100 how to factory reset in Windows 7?

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Have you double-checked if your TV was set to the right TV input? Is there an existing piece of device that work on the same analog cable and TV input? If there is, then you may proceed on the next step, which is resetting the DMA2100".

Here’s how:

  1. Unplug the power cable from the extender and while it’s unplugged, press and hold the reset button on the back of the extender.
  2. While pressing and holding the reset button, re-plug the power cable and keep holding still the reset button way down to 10-15 secs then let it go.
  3. Wait for the extender to completely reboot.
  4. When the Main Menu appears, select Settings. (If you’ll get into the Windows media center automatically, you need to exit out first from the interface to see the main menu. Just go to TASK, then EXIT)
  5. Press the right arrow on the remote control and select General
  6. Use the up and down arrow on the remote control to select Reset to factory defaults.


Note: Since the extender is working with the HDMI connector, then the extender needs to be connected through the HDMI to your TV just to perform the reset. Right after the reset, you may then reconnect the analog cable to the extender. Use one TV cable at a time to avoid conflict of signal from the extender.



Also, you might need to update the media center extender’s firmware. Click here on how to do the update.




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Re: DMA2100 how to factory reset in Windows 7?

Many thanks Network Tricker. That did the trick.


Out of the box my extender was booting into the MCE interface and so I wasn't even aware the Main Menu existed! I'd read that the reset to factory default was under the General tab within setup but assumed it was referring to the Setup menu within Tasks.


Thanks again.

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Re: DMA2100 how to factory reset in Windows 7?

I followed your reset instructions exactly but my extender light keeps blinking and never becomes solid. If I just unplug it and dont push the reset button it comes on but the unit is not reset. Help 

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Re: DMA2100 how to factory reset in Windows 7?