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DMA2100 won't reconnect to VMC

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Just got a DMA2100. Set it up as an extender, all worked fine(ish)!


Tried it next morning...get "Waiting for PC...." then eventually times out. I can ping the extender from the Media Center PC so it appears the extender is connecting to the network OK.


Only way to get it working again is to go through the setup again and it operates OK until I try it again the next day.


No firewalls in my network and have installed latest firmware on the extender. No messages logged in event viewer on the PC after powering on the extender on the PC which makes me think the extender is having trouble finding the PC for some reason. 


Any ideas?

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Re: DMA2100 won't reconnect to VMC

The problem you experienced is often caused by firewall on the VMC. Most firewalls would re-enable every after reboot and that's why sometimes it would block the communication to the DMA. Assuming you really don't have a firewall, you can try removing the extender from the Media Center application and re-setup it all again.


Now, if it still doesn't help you can try checking the Event Viewer on your computer then go to Applications and Services Local. Click on Media Center and check for Errors then record the Event ID. You can then go to the link below to check what the Event ID means so you can determine what's causing the communication problem.

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Re: DMA2100 won't reconnect to VMC

I seem to have solved the problem. Some time back I enabled ICS to get a Bluetooth access to the Internet. Anyway, I tried disabling ICS on the network adapter in the PC and now the extender reconnects OK. Bit weird but there you go!


FYI, if others have this problem and find that there is no Tab for 'Sharing' under the network adapter properties it may be because ICS was enabled originally with 2 network adapters configured but now there is only 1 network adapter installed. You can get it back by installing another network adapter. I just installed the MS Loopback adapter which then allowed me to disable ICS on my Ethernet adapter. After that, I removed the Loopback adapter.



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Re: DMA2100 won't reconnect to VMC

For those of you having prpb getting the media extenders to hook up to the computer, vista/64 you might need to restart the UPNP DEVICE HOST   it is located in your services folder. With xbox 360 I set up the extender all worked fine, I made some changes on my computer and found I had to make the reset so the extender could talk to the computer, all fine watch hidef network shows no prob. Hope this helps, have fun, mark/waco

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Re: DMA2100 won't reconnect to VMC


Just wanted to add my experience with the DMA extender.  I have Vista MCE.  I used the WMP600N wireless card configured as an access point with the latest software as of Jan 2012.  It worked great with the latest software and the DMA but I wanted to switch to a wired connection.  The DMA connected perfectly but would not reconnect after powering of with the remote. 


The fix was to uninstall the Ralink software, power off vista and remove the card.  The wired connection now works after power cycling the DMA. 


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