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Kiss 1600 BBC iPlayer



I have a Kiss 1600 and followed instructions for set up as Windows Media Center Extender device on BBC site to view files downloaded from BBC iPlayer. Files are wmv and drm encoded.


The Kiss 1600 tells me that the files were encoded using an unsupported codec. Is there a way to update Kiss 1600 to support these files or to install a codec on my laptop?


I've read on this site that some people are able to use Kiss 1600 to view BBC iPlayer so thought I might have missed something.


Help appreciated.


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Re: Kiss 1600 BBC iPlayer

Do you have a link for these instructions ? I didn't think the KiSS 1600 could be used as an extender.

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Re: Kiss 1600 BBC iPlayer

veryhelpful barnesd1 :smileyindifferent:


if the op brendyg is still about I would like to see this article too please.


and if linksys are reading this should be at the top of the list for the:smileymad: long awaited firmware update :smileymad:

especially as it was a promised feature when the product was released

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Re: Kiss 1600 BBC iPlayer