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OGV200 Support Site

All the support site links for the OGV200 now go to 404 pages - does anyone know where I can go to get new firmware, or since this is a discontinued product does it not exist anymore?
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Re: OGV200 Support Site

I think its impossible to find out the firmware of the OVG200, as its an discontinued product so i think linksys has removed all the information about that product from their website. Mya be you can google around, you may find the firmware on some other website.
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Re: OGV200 Support Site

Default login information for this device is as follows...

login:     admin

p/w:       admin


Most recent firmware upgrade version:   1.0.7


There isn't hardly any options, and as most newer routers today HAVE QoS on them amongst other things this device isn't entirely useful as is why it's discontinued now. I STILL use mine though in any case it seems that a single dedicated hardware driven device for this purpose alone is still better than the QoS checkbox in the routers that include it and that are for retail right now.


It's not impossible to find the updates lemme see if I can get the site link listed here if you still read this or if someone comes across this thing and needs to update the firmware.


Here is the link for the firmware/driver update.


Hope this helps anyon around that still has this thing. (I still use it but it's far from NEEDING this; I'd give it a 6/10 rating...mediocre, not horrible but not great either.)