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Reading DVR-MS files using KiSS 1600

Hi all,
I just bought the Kiss 1600 Media Player in order to watch on my TV recorded TV programs stored on my computer.
Those programs were recorded using Windows Media Center / Windows Vista: file extension is *.dvr-ms.
I add the extension *.dvr-ms to the PC-Link Server Software settings under the Video section and the software found the files but the Kiss 1600 does not.
(the connection between PC-Link and the Kiss 1600 is fine: I am able to play MP3 or view JPEG but not play any video).
Is there a way to play Windows Media Center Vista recorded TV (*.dvr-ms) or should I bring back the player to the shop ? (before it's too late)
Best regards
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Re: Reading DVR-MS files using KiSS 1600

Hi, according to the dvr-ms file type is in fact MPEG1 and MPEG 2, so try renaming the files to *.mpg
Let me know if that works. If not, I suggest returning the device... (the player has quite a number of flaws and no new firmware has been released for 7 months now...)
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Re: Reading DVR-MS files using KiSS 1600

Hi Jason,
Thank you for the tip but I have already pack the player in order to give it back (and do not want to re-enter 128bits WEP key agin using the remote... )
I am going to buy basic160Gb TV recorder instead. It will be more simple to use I think.