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WGA54G can't open IP address

Ref: WGA54G-CA
After firmware upgrade to ver. 1.13
I can't open the web browser IP address of my Game Adapter, It should be (default:
Your instruction state that it is
I tried several # nothing happen's.
Your help would be much appreciated.
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Can't open IP address

This IP address is suppose to allow acess to a Ricoh Scanner for configuration.  When the address is typed in, nothing happens. 
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Re: Can't open IP address

Guys, to make it work on my computer, I had to change the IP Address of my computer to (and made the subnet I was then able to access the game adapter. After I configured it I changed my IP address back. It will make you reboot the PC after you make the change each time.
To do this in XP you go to control panel, network connections, then I click on the local area connection icon, then properties, select TCP/IP and click properties. Click use the following address and key in the info I put above.
Good luck!
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Re: Can't open IP address

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It may also be worthwhile to note that if you have already configured your WGA54G, it may have been set to acquire an IP address automatically via DHCP. If that were the case, you would need to determine which IP address it had been assigned and use that address to access the web-based setup. hope this helps! ZD

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Re: WGA54G can't open IP address