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WMA11B Frequently Asked Questions:


  • Will the distance limit the sound quality of the WMA11B?



The WMA11B works on the IEEE 802.11B wireless standard, there is no way to know the exact range of your wireless network without testing. Leaded glass, metal, reinforced concrete floors and walls may inhibit the signal and reduce range.


  • How does the WMA11B work?



The WMA11B can simultaneously connect your TV and stereo and play both media at the same time.


  • Can the WMA11B be connected to a home audio system with a TV and still be able to play digital media at the same time?



Yes, the WMA11B can simultaneously connect your TV and stereo and play both media at the same time.


  • Is the WMA11B easy to install and set up?



Yes, the WMA11B comes with quick setup guide and installation wizard software for your computer system.


  • Does the WMA11B require drivers to be installed?



No, there are no drivers to install for the WMA11B to work. The customer just needs to install the utility program on the computer to access the pictures and music that is stored on the computers hard drive.


  • What is the average size of a picture or music file that can be used with the WMA11B?



There is no average file size for the WMA11B to handle; the WMA11B should handle any file size.


  • What are the requirements for the WMA11B?



Windows XP operating system; One TV with composite video or s-video input; one stereo or a/v receiver with RCA audio input. One PC (600mhz or faster); 128 MB ram. 25mb available hard drive space; CD ROM; 802.11b wireless or network adapter with TCP/IP installed.


  • What else can the WMA11B besides show digital pictures and play downloaded music files for a computer system?



The WMA11B can play digital music and pictures at the same time. This feature allows the WMA11B to present a digital slide show with music on a home entertainment center.



  • What audio formats can the WMA11B play? What about the graphic file types?



ü       For Audio: .MP3 and .WMA files.

ü       For Graphics: .BMP, .JPG, .GIF, and .TIF files



Troubleshooting Tips


  • Make sure that the PC with the utility installed is up and running before the adapter is turned on.

  • The default SSID is linksys_wma11b.

  • If there is a good signal and the screen states “waiting for host” make sure that the utility is installed and that PC has a connection to the network. Also try rebooting the PC.

  • If the signal strength is 0%, check ssid by pressing “Setup” on the remote control.

  • On average it takes about 2 – 3 minutes for the WMA11B to find the host PC.

  • If everything was working before and all of a sudden it stops, power cycle everything (WMA11B; PC; AP)