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WMB54G - Don't upgrade to v2.18

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Many people are having issues with previously working WMB not working after upgrading to v1.18. It would be VERY NICE if Linksys would provide an older version of their firmware and utility for users experiencing this problem so they can use the product. PLEASE POST version 2.11 firmware and corresponding utility for users to rollback to a functioning issue. Just post the fimeware, we can maybe figure out the utility version.

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Re: WMB54G - Don't upgrade to v2.18

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Agreed. I also used Live Chat and wish I had saved the text. It basically went like this:

Q: Can I get the downgrade WMB54G firmware?
A: I apologize, No.
Q: My box doesnt work now, it did before. Cant I just get the firmware?
A: I apologize, we do not recommend a downgrade
Q: OK then could you please fill in a form or something and let someone know this is a problem?

I've tried to extract the bin files from the required Linux GPL code releases - they are not there.

Next - I guess - is to try the Sondigo Sirocco code. I think what happened (from what little I can find) is that C-Media changed the streaming protocol between the last two Cisco/Linksys WMB releases (hence the need to link firmware, utility etc.) and obviously there wasn't enough testing done by someone.

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Re: WMB54G - Don't upgrade to v2.18

Mine is working now under Vista (took me forever) - came across a posting which I'm copying here...
I have found a solution that works for me to keep the WMB54G working in Vista. In particular, it solved the problem of having the Bridge stop working when Vista reboots. The solution: (1) Download the latest software and firmware from (2) Save the files in "Downloads" in their own folder. (3)Go through every file in the download set and set compatibility to Windows XP--(this will be any .exe file and applications). (4) Install the software and firmware. (5) Go through all the installed files in Program Files\Linksys\WMB54G, and again set compatibility to windows XP for any file that will take the compatibility setting (.exe and application files). (6) Before engaging a music application (like Itunes), switch the speakers using a right click on the speaker icon in the bottom right tray. Set the default to the speakers you want to use.
The last item (6) was news to basically have to switch your speaker output to Linksys Bridge...
Good luck!
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Re: WMB54G - Don't upgrade to v2.18

I didn't read your post before upgrading my WMB54G. Now, it's not working at all. The bridge software doesn't see it. The firmware instructions indicate that you must upgrade the driver too but the link is broken on the support site.
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Re: WMB54G - Don't upgrade to v2.18

So how did you get it to work? I have the same problem.
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Re: WMB54G - Don't upgrade to v2.18

I agree. After upgrading the firmware to 2.18 (the bridge had been working, sort of), my bridge can't be accessed for setup either through the router or through the setup wizard.  This is after resetting/unplugging it 20+ times, and temporarily setting the computer's IP as necessary. 


So it's essentially a paperweight at this point.  

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Re: WMB54G - Don't upgrade to v2.18

Strangely enough after painstaking research...  (no thanks to Linksys)


I found a solution to my upgrade "brick/boat anchor/paperweight" problem

by using the PC driver for the Sirocco by Sondigo.  the beta driver and PC sw has solved my upgraded 'useless' box problem.  


I would have preferred to use a Linksys solution but they provided no help to me

at all.  shame on them.  It's too bad because overall I think the product has been quite good.


happy christmas....

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Re: WMB54G - Don't upgrade to v2.18

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I upgraded firmware to v2.18 and have the the latest PC software utility version 1.3. after about 2 hours of dealing with tech support crap. My device is working like a charm.



-Make sure your firewalls are disabled, this caused my problem.

-Make sure you know the IP of the device, if you cant see it with the software, are you able to see it via HTTP. If you dont know what this means, hire an IT professional.

-the older utility version does not work with the new firmware. update software too.

-start wired and then work to going wireless.


if you still have questions, private message me.

Hope you have fun!!!


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Re: WMB54G - Don't upgrade to v2.18

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Please explain, cyberhazard.  I tried going to the website and I am lost.  Are you saying you "upgraded" the firmware of your wmb54g with a sirocco firmware?  I downloaded it but I am not sure I follow and I want to make sure before I really brick this thing.


I have windows vista sp2.  I have upgraded to firmware v2.18 and Utility version 1.3.  I got it to connect once, then rebooted the pc and and now I cannot find the music bridge.  I can access the music bridge without problems wirelessly via the web browser.  Any help would be appreciated.  I have read all threads and my eyes are burning and I can't find a solution. 

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Re: WMB54G - Don't upgrade to v2.18

I had exact same behavior after upgrade to 2.18 and corresponding PC utility.

My fix that has worked is to now use the Siricco PC Utility instead of the linksys.

The UI has more stuff than Linksys, but it is more techie stuff, and not necessarily needed. 


i wish you good luck.  I simply uninstalled the Linksys PC Utility and installed the Siricco and then mostly it's been working perfectly.  sometimes I have to 'disconnect' then 'reconnect' to the music bridge one extra time (not sure what is happening), but that always then has it working smoothly.