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WMB54G plays on headphones, not PC speakers

I have a WMB54G. It is correctly setup and plays music on my remote home theater system. When I tell the Utility to play music on my PC Speakers, sound appears on my USB headphones, not on my PC speakers through my computer's sound card.


I'm running XP SP3. The bridge and my WRT54G router are both running the latest firmware. I can ping either device and get to each setup page.


On the OS's Sounds and Audio Devices Properties the Linksys Wireless-G Music Bridge appears as the default Sound Playback device. My sound card is on all of the various drop down lists, but nowhere is it the default device. My headset appears as the default device for sound recording and voice playback and recording.


If I make the Sound card the default device, music plays just fine on the speakers, but then the Wireless-G bridge is not working.


I thought I was supposed to be able to play remotely by selecting Connect in the Utility and play on my PC's speakers (not the headphones) when I select PC Speakers. 

WMB54G Bernard
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Re: WMB54G plays on headphones, not PC speakers

Here's how I solved this, with useful help from Live Chat's Shiela A (sic).


My Control Panel Sounds and Audio Devices Dialog Box wants to show the Linksys Wireless Music Bridge as the Default Device. Also on that pull down list were my Creative Soundblaster Audio Card (which connects to the speakers) and my Plantronics USB headphones.


Pressing the Connect to PC's Speakers button on the Bridge Utility was connecting to the headphones instead of the speakers. There seems to be no method available to tell the Bridge which to choose.


Finally, I just disconnected the headphones, then I told the Bridge Utility to switch the music from the Bridge and my home theater system to the PC's speakers. It seemed that the Bridge spent a long time pondering as to where those headphones had gone. Finally, the music appeared from my PC's speakers.


I tested that I could switch back and forth between the Bridge and the PC's speakers. Then I reconnected by headphones. Subsequently switching between the Connect to the WMB54G and the Connect to the PC's speakers produced the correct behavior. The bridge utility now ignored the headphones.


So count this problem solved.