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WMCE54AG - "Site Not Designed for Media Center" dialog box

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I just purchased a WMCE54AG media extender on ebay and successfully connected it to my Windows XP Media Center PC.  It seems to be working fine except I can not access Online Spotlight.  I get a dialog box saying "Site Not Designed for Media Center" and asks me to View Later / View Now / Cancel.  I select to view now and get the Online Spotlight menu options, but can not do anything with it.  This functionality works fine on my PC.  Is there some setup that I missed on the extender?  I tried to upgrade the firmware, but when I intalled, it said I have a newer version so I canceled it out.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: WMCE54AG - "Site Not Designed for Media Center" dialog box

Well, after extensive trial and error, I finally figured out what the problem
was. The Linksys extender is not compatible with IE7. After rolling back to
IE6, I was able to see Online Spotlight in the media extender. As a note of
caution, I had upgraded to IE8 beta 2 and Online Spotlight stopped working on
my media center PC as well. I got the same error I did on my extender. This
ultimately was how I realized the problem was with the IE version.