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WMCE54AG "has not rec'd a DHCP response" cannot finish setup.

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My neighbor recently moved to Germany and gave me his Dual-Band WirelessA/G Media Center Extender (model #wmce54ag) that he used with Windows Media Center Edition 2002 (also gave me). It worked fine for him. I went through all the steps and things worked fine until it tried to finish the connection. As it tried to connect I recieved the following message on my TV screen: "Media Center Extender Connedted to wireless network "My Name" but has not recieved a DHCP response. To check your WEP key or WPA passphrase select BACK or select NEXT to attempt to connect to media center pc.

I've tried this several times and the signal strength shows up as one less bar than perfect so it looks llike it is getting the signal. What is the DHCP response and how can I fix it?

I am using a Linksys Wirless-N Broadband Rounter (model # WRT160N) that I installed a few months ago and it works fine. Is it possible that it is too 'new' for the Media Center

Extender? Thanks! Rich

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Re: WMCE54AG "has not rec'd a DHCP response" cannot finish setup.

You need to setup your Media Extender to connect to your Wireless Network...Follow this link

Make sure the settings on your Wireless Router and the Media Center Extender are identical...

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Re: WMCE54AG "has not rec'd a DHCP response" cannot finish setup.

I'm a little new at this so you'll have to pardon my ignorance.   I guess I wasn't clear enough.  As I said...... I went through the steps for setup.... my signal even said it

was very good on the media extender.  It listed my SSID and my password correctly and then I got the message "has not rec'd a DHCP response."  I called Linksys and even tried to pay for the "premiere" support.  They told me I had to update my windows media center.

Well, I thought that was a cop out.  They couldn't even explain the above message to me.

The media center and extender worked fine (prior to the move) for years.  Why would it all of a sudden need a Microsoft upgrade?    If the media center shows a signal (4 out of 5 bars) to me that indicates it IS connected.  Again, I'm a little clueless on this stuff and maybe common sense doesn't mean much - but a signal indicates that THERE IS a

conncetion...  What is this mysterious DHCP response that is not being recieved?  

Thanks for your patience!!


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Re: WMCE54AG "has not rec'd a DHCP response" cannot finish setup.

Well evidently no one has an answer to this problem.  I have it too and it came after I installed a router with N.  I did set it to G but that didn't work either.   Anyone have suggestions?  Everything works and connects but I get this screen described by Bapper23.