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WMCE54AG volume output

my WMCE54AG is connected digitally to my stereo. that works fine. But the analog audio out is connected to my sound distribution system. It comes out overdriven and is distorted. other inputs into the same distribution system are not similarly distorted.

has anyone else experienced this? is there any way to set the analog volume out level?
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Re: WMCE54AG volume output

As per my knowledge there is no way that you can set the volume control for the analog audio only, The volume can be set for the device as a whole. As the digital signal is working fine i don't think that there is any problem  with the device. Try connecting a different speaker with a different cable to the audio port.
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Re: WMCE54AG volume output

I would say your extender is defective.  I only hear 'clicks' between songs if I use it's analog output.