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WML11B - Drops

After reading all of the previous concerning issues with this thing I finally got it to work after 2 yrs ...
Thanks to all of your helpful postings!
My issue is that when I play a song (wireless) from the library (any song) it will play for about 2 mins before it cuts out and appears to buffer again.
Any suggestions? I thought about changing the channel settings on the unit, however, I cannot find where to modify it.
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Re: WML11B - Drops

Hi , you will not be able to change the channel on the WML , since it is communicating with the router in the "infrastructure" mode.....means that all the network and wireless information is given to the WML when it connects to the wireless router...
In case you wanna change any wireless settings, you will have to do so on the router itself...
i'd suggest that you change the channel to 11 , and in the advanced wireless settings , reduce the beacon interval to 50 and reduce the RTS and fragmentation threshold by 40 each....
you can also try and play around with the basic and transmission rates and see if that makes any difference.