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wma11b remote control

i lost my remote control for WMA11B.
Is there a way to program a universal remote to control this device.
It is to bad there are note buttons on the front of the device.
Any ideas?

The savo
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Re: wma11b remote control

sorry, do not know if a common remote can be programmed or not.....however you can contact linksys customer care and see if they can send you one .
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Re: wma11b remote control

a bit late but...

there is an entire culture of people who are hacking and upgrading One-For-All remotes via their computer and a simple ($5 to make) cable for the parallel port. You can read all about it at:

Anyway, there is an already entered "upgrade" for the WMA11 that I did a few years ago when I was setting up my single remote for the entire family room. Mapped onto a URC-6131 PVR remote it works great.
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Re: wma11b remote control

Just an FYI that the remote for the WMA11B is readily available on eBay. 


Just search WMA11B remote control and you'll find it.