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wmb54g utility v1.4

Long ago, when I first got this thing and tried to use it with Vista, I went round and round with tech support trying to make it work, as, apparently, lots of others have. They finally sent me Utility v1.4, which allowed me to make it work. From time to time it stops working for no apparent reason (MS patches?) and I have to do the uninstall/reinstall dance. Sometimes, like today, I forget that the program needs not only XP compatibility mode, but Run as Administrator, too. And not only the Utility, but the CMflywave.exe file needs to be set that way too. Of course, it'll never run on startup without Vista UAC blocking CMflywave, but once unblocked the WMB54g runs fine (till the next MS patch?). Another thing to keep an eye out for when it mysteriously stops working is that it tends to crash the WAP (WAP54g in my case). Since everything else on my network is hardwired, I don't notice that. If all you've got is the Utility v1.3 (the wizard is still v1.3), ask support for Utility v1.4.
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Re: wmb54g utility v1.4

Hi, I did ask and they said that it doesn't exist. I would like to get it if it is actually available. But the person on support said that the latest version is 1.3.
Is this just a case where this particular support person simply does not know?

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Re: wmb54g utility v1.4

forgret it.  I Have two useless music bridges...  while trying to make them work something happened in the resetting process and now they dont work on XP or Vista... three years trying to get tech support to help... two of these year waiting for un update for vista.... etc, one of the most useless items... it worked really nice and was promising for like 6 months... then... poof.

 Instead, I got a Motorola Bluetooth receiver, hooked it to my sound system... no instllation necessary, (only pairing). Great!!! and less expensive. can access from any bluetooth enabled computer too.

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Re: wmb54g utility v1.4

Same issue here.  Did a chat with one of the tech support folks.  I was pointed back to the basic download page which, of course, has version 1.3 of the utility.  It would be nice of Linksys/Cisco to post v1.4 at this site rather than keeping it in hiding.  Or does someone have a zip file they'd like to share?

Thanks.  bl
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Re: wmb54g utility v1.4

I have just upgraded my PC to Windows 7 from Vista and the WMB54G stopped working. Thinking that the utility might need to be re-installed, I uninstalled then re-instaled the utility. Aparently, neither the uninstal nor the install works correctly under Windows 7. Elsewhere in these forums, users hve been successful in getting the WMB54G to work under Windows 7. This does require the utility. Has anyone else run into this problem and does anyone have ideas as to how to make the utility install properly?


I struggled to make it work under Vista and am now disappointed by Windows 7.



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Re: wmb54g utility v1.4



I noticed you said you had two bridges that you no longer want or need.  Do you still have those?  If you do, would you interested in working up some deal and let me get one of those from you?  I still like it (so far, it has the best music fidelity of any streaming product I've tried), but mine died and I can't seem to resusitate it.  Every now and then it starts working, but then soon dies again... it's some hardware problem that I don't know how to fix. 


Please email me:




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Re: wmb54g utility v1.4

[ Edited ]


I have one of the wmb54g music bridges and it is working well for me using XP and Vista.  If you would be interested in parting with one of your two music bridges, please email me.

Thanks, Wally.



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Re: wmb54g utility v1.4

After searching for hours, found this reciepe and it worked on a windows 7 forum.  The key to Windows 7 is the install of the legacy driver below. 


Run msconfig and uncheck cmflywav.exe from start-up.
Set compatability of WMB54G.exe, cmas2ds.exe and cmflywav.exe to windows xp sp2 mode.
Manually install legacy hardware (Go to device manager and right click on the top computer name and you will find install legacy driver)...pick cmudaxv.inf from drivers folder in programs(x86)/linksys/wmb54g/drivers.
Reboot...manually run cmas2ds.exe, CmFlywav.exe and WMB54G in that order (all in the program(x86)/linksys/wmb54g/drivers or program(x86)/linksys/wmb54g

Open bridge utility and connect.
Right click speaker icon on taskbar and pick playback devices.
Set 'Speakers- wireless G music bridge' as default...Voila!


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Re: wmb54g utility v1.4

I'm so happy because it work !!!

Thank you Adamskc !!!!!


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Re: wmb54g utility v1.4

save yourself. return this item to where you bought it. then it will be over.


if they wont take it back,  drive over it with your car... you will feel beter like I do now.