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wml11b Firmware upgrade problem

I was upgrading the firmware on my wml11b to 1.09. the software said that it completed successfully . however now my unit is unresponsive. is there a way to reset the unit completely? when i plus it in it does not light up. if i hold the reset button and plug it in the power buttong will light up. any options? thnaks
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Re: wml11b Firmware upgrade problem

When you want to reset the Media Link to its factory default settings, which are listed below,
Press the Reset button and hold it in for five seconds.
• TCP/IP setting: DHCP
• mode setting: infrastructure
• SSID: any
• WEP encryption setting: disabled
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Re: wml11b Firmware upgrade problem

I also tried to update the firmware of my WML11B to your last know firmware 1.09 (downloaded fron this site)  mine was 1.07

did all the staped it requested but  my linksys frose.

I waited for atleast 15 minutes and when i saw i didnt had any reponce I unpluged it  becouse even the power on-off button was frosen.That was it the system never came back .

Now it only turns on only if I plug the power having  the reset button pressed , and even then I cant access any thing on Media link. not from the buttons nor from the network.

is there any way i can put it back ? or should i just throw it to the garbage ?